Why did I create this?

Years fly by faster than a graduation gown twirls across the stage. One minute you're teaching awkward freshmen, the next, you're sending confident young adults off into the world.  That's why I want to propose a project close to my heart: creating a digital yearbook of senior portraits.

Imagine, years from now, when you're reminiscing about your time at Roosevelt High School. You could pull up this online gallery and see all those familiar faces – the class clown, the future valedictorian, the quiet artist who blossomed in your coding class.  Each portrait would be a snapshot, not just of a face, but of a time filled with hopes, dreams, and the nervous excitement of what's to come.

The beauty of this digital space is that it transcends dusty boxes and faded photos. These portraits become a living memory bank, accessible anywhere, anytime. You could share them with your own children, showing them the young adults who shaped your high school experience. You might even reconnect with a long-lost friend, sparking a conversation that rekindles the joy of shared memories.

But for me, the most compelling reason is this: even after I retire, this online gallery would allow me to see how you've grown and thrived.  Witnessing your successes, big or small, would be a privilege, a way for our connection to extend beyond the classroom walls.  So, let's create this digital memory box together, a testament to the amazing young adults who walked through these halls and left an indelible mark on my heart.